Oral Presentations Publication Hours Sunday, March 20, 2022

Invitation to Congress

Hello Dear scientists and our colleagues,

This congress is the second of the 1st International Dental Oral Infections Congress held in 2018, and the theme of "rational antibiotic use" was highlighted in the previous congress, and the subject of "oral microbiota", which is on the agenda of all of us, will be discussed in detail. Again, between the lines of the congress, you will find more information about dental oral infections, disinfectant / mouthwash and antibiotic use. The congress was designed to contribute to important infections in dentistry and the rational use of antibiotics in them, to reveal the importance of oral microbiota and its relationship with clinical diseases, to draw attention and to trigger studies on this subject. It will be one of the firsts for those who contribute to the public health of the country with the valuable contributions of our experts, such as conferences, speeches and papers (oral presentations). As of the content; Oral Ecology and biodiversity, oral cavity microbiota, possible pathogen microorganisms will be reminded, caries formation and dental infections will be enriched with visuals, followed by effective rational antibiotic use and effective sterilization / disinfection methods in dentistry practice, dental hygiene and mouthwashes and oral microbiota will be discussed. longitudinal details will be entered. I hope you take a look at the main topics on the congress website. As such, the Congress will be a discussion and information platform for all interns, assistants, dentists and researchers working in the dental practice, both public and private. The congress was also prepared in a global epidemic environment, and the issue of sterilization and hygiene in dental practices has become more important than ever. Considering this extraordinary situation, COVID19 and protective practices will also be addressed in speeches and articles.

At the same time, "Holistic Dentistry" applied training is planned for one day, and this will be a first in our country in this context. The importance of the subject in the field will be emphasized with scientific evidence, and the principles of a holistic approach to dental events will be revealed.

In case the global Covid-19 epidemic continues, the presentations will be made by video recording method. Except for the newly published incentive criteria, the Oralmicrobiotherapy Congress provides other academic promotions and associate professorship criteria. Symposium presentation languages ​​are Turkish and English. All abstracts and full-text papers to be presented at the congress will be scanned from the plagiarism program and will be included in the referee process. All papers that have passed the peer-review process will be published electronically as a journal supplement with ISBN number.

Your participation in the International Oral Microbiotherapy Congress with your valuable work will honor us. I expect all our colleagues to attend the congress, and I hope it will be a productive and successful congress. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed individually to each stage so far.

Prof Dr Mustafa Altindis MD PhD MSc

President of Congress



  • Prof Dr Mustafa Altındiş
  • Dr Öğretim Üyesi Çağlar KOŞAR


  • Prof Dr Mustafa Altındiş


  • Prof Dr Mustafa ALTINDİŞ
  • Dr Öğretim Üyesi Çağlar KOŞAR
  • Gülsüm KAYA. MSc
  • Merve GÜL


  • Prof Dr Emine Nursen TOPÇUOĞLU
  • Prof Dr Ulvi Kahraman GÜRSOY
  • Prof. Dr. Abubekir ELTAS
  • Doç Dr Gülçin AKÇA
  • Doç Dr Nesrin SARUHAN
  • Doç. Dr. İsmail UZUN
  • Dr Öğretim Üyesi Çağlar KOŞAR
  • Dr Öğretim Üyesi Gediz GEDİK
  • Dr Öğretim Üyesi Doğukan YILMAZ
  • Dr Öğretim Üyesi Merve KÖSEOĞLU
  • Dr Öğretim Üyesi Neslihan Yılmaz
  • Araştırma Görevlisi Emre Haylaz


  • Prof Dr Ulvi Kahraman GÜRSOY Periodontology, Institute of Dentistry, University of Turku,Finland
  • Prof. Dr. Füsun Özer University of Pennsylvania
  • Prof Wim TEUGHELS Ku Leuven Periodontology & Oral Microbiology, Belçika
  • Jhon R Tagg University of Otago, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, New Zeland
  • Doç Dr Solachuddin JA Ichwan Dentistry Programme PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences Universiti Brunei Darussalam Jalan Tungku Link, Gadong Brunei Darussalam, BE1410
  • Assoc Prof Tulay Yucel Lindberg Karolinska
  • Prof Alpdoğan KANTARCI USA
  • Prof Sema HAKKI University of Michigan, School of Dentistry, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
  • Assoc Prof Pınar Emecen-HUJA USA
  • Prof Dr Ö. Engin BULUT Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi Ağız Diş Çene Cerrahisi Anabilim Dalı
  • Prof. Dr. Aylin BAYSAN_GHOBADIAN Queen Mary Unv, Barts and the London School of Medicine and dentistry, UK
  • Asst. Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Hafiz Arzmi P. Tech. Kulliyyah of Dentistry, IIIUM, Kuantan Campus, Malaysia
  • Prof. Dr. Halil Erhan FIRATLI
  • Prof. Dr. Bahar Eren KURU
  • Prof. Dr. M. İrfan KARADEDE
  • Prof. Dr. Selma ALTINDİŞ
  • Prof. Dr. Nurdan ÖZMERİÇ
  • Prof. Dr. Gülnur EMİNGİL
  • Prof. Dr. Sibel Elif GÜLTEKİN
  • Prof. Dr. Fatma Berrin ÜNSAL


  • Oral Ecology and biodiversity
  • Microbiota – immune system interaction
  • Microbiota acquisition and acquisition with age
  • Periodontal diseases and microbiota
  • Peri-implant microbiota and periimplantitis
  • Tooth decay and microbiota
  • Endodontic diseases and microbiota
  • Antibiotics for the treatment of periodontal and peri-implant diseases
  • prophylaxis in dentistry
  • Antibiotic use in children
  • Prebiotics, Probiotics for periodontal, peri-implant and endodontic diseases
  • Mouth-mucous infections not due to dental plaque
  • Oral Immune system
  • Oral Microbiota and Systemic Diseases
  • Periodontitis and inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Relationship between oral microbiota and cancer
  • Smoking and oral Microbiota
  • good life, longevity, disease, and the oral microbiome
  • Stress and Oral Mycobiota
  • Changing dietary habits and oral microbiota
  • Prebiotics in dentistry
  • Phytotherapy in dentistry
  • Oral findings in COVID-19
  • Biological risks and safe treatment education environment
  • Sterilization and disinfection: System-product Update
  • dental oral infections
  • Rational use of antibiotics
  • Oral microbiota
  • Disinfectants and their activities
  • dental hygiene
  • aerosol pollution
  • Hygiene in the clinic
  • Cross infections and contamination in dentistry
  • Holistic Dentistry
  • Covid-19
  • Oral microbiotherapy



Best Paper Awards

Within the scope of INTERNATIONAL 2nd DENTAL ORAL INFECTIONS (2nd DOINF) and 1st ORAL MICROBIOTA CONGRESS to be held between 18-20 March 2022, the best 3 papers will be awarded. Papers will be evaluated by the congress scientific committee.

The aim of this award is to encourage especially our young colleagues in the years to come, by recognizing the productivity of our colleagues in their research work.Bu ödülün amacı, meslektaşlarımızın araştırma çalışmalarında gösterdikleri verimliliği takdir ederek, gelecek yıllarda özellikle genç meslektaşlarımızı teşvik etmektir.

Best Paper Award 3.000 TL

Best 2nd Paper Award 2.000 TL

Best 3rd Paper Award 1.000 TL

18 - 20 March 2022 (Multidisipliner Online Kongre)

Abstract Writing Rules


The congress is a congress with international participation in accordance with the criteria of Associate Professorship. Abstracts sent to the congress will be evaluated by at least two referees in the editing and scientific committee.

Abstract writing rules:

  1. The abstract should be written in Turkish and English, with a maximum of 300 words.
  2. Oral presentations, original research or case report (a single case that is not original may be considered insufficient)
  3. Original research presentations should be structured as “Purpose, Materials and Methods, Findings and Conclusion”. Case reports will be written as “Purpose, Case Report and Conclusion”.
  4. At least 3 and at most 5 keywords of the study should be given.
  5. A person can present a maximum of two oral presentations, registration is mandatory.
  6. The duration of the presentation is determined as 10 minutes at the most.
  7. The language of the presentation will be Turkish or English. Papers will be sent via e-mail(doinf2022@gmail.com).
Türkçe Özet

Türkçe Başlık

Araştırmacıların Adı- Soyadı, Çalıştığı Kurum


Gereç ve Yöntem:



Anahtar Kelimeler:



Researcher's Name - Surname and institutions


Materials and Method:




Person to present the paper

•Registration is required to receive a certificate of participation and submit papers.

•"ORAL MICROBIOTA" and "INFECTIONS IN DENTISTRY AND SMART ANTIBIOTIC USAGE" books will be given to the participants together with the congress proceedings book. Full text papers will be accepted.

•Please send the registration form, your student certificate if necessary, and your statement to doinf2022@gmail.com in accordance with the rules on the congress website.

•Registration fees:


Academician/ Dentist

885 TL

Research Assistant (Document)
PhD student (Document)

590 TL

Company representative

885 TL

Student (Belge)

177 TL


Academician/ Dentist

1475 TL

Research Assistant (Document)
PhD student (Document)

1180 TL

Company representative

1475 TL

Student (Belge)

767 TL

* During the congress, lunch and coffee break-salon refreshments are included in the physical registration, but accommodation is excluded. It is necessary to contact the Hotel for accommodation.

Registration fees include 18% VAT and will be deposited to the account number below by typing DOINF2 in the explanation part.

Sponsorship and Registration Fees Bank Account Information

Account Name: MASBIOTECH Ltd Sti

Bank: MASBIOTECH Ltd Sti Bank : Ziraat

IBAN – TL: TR50 0001 0019 4695 4948 8250 01

IBAN – AVRO: TR93 0001 0019 4695 4948 8250 03

Account No: 1946-95494882-5001